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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the bay bridge reaching new heights while were you sleeping. the fime tower in place ahead of -- the final to your in place ahead of schedule. a final report on the next piece of the puzzle. san jose dodging a new bullet and the new deal that could prevent firefighter layoffs. good morning, everyone. it is friday, march 4. thanks for joining us this friday. i'm sydnie kohara. >> did you hear that. friday, twice. we're smiling out here, folks. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 straight up. and you know what? we've been begging for sunshine all week long. >> we got a little bit yesterday. >> we will get a lot more today apparently. let's check in with lawrence. >> let's keep the begging coming. we are working on it. we're working on it. it is looking like it is going
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to be a great day, folks. we kind of got a taste of it yesterday afternoon. a lot of sunshine coming our way. the high pressure just sneaking in here. dry today. but you know what? we got some storms brewing on the horizon and how that might affect your weekend, we will have the full details coming up and right now we want to get a check of the traffic with gianna. >> a pretty easy drive so far this morning. looking live at the san mateo bridge, no the a lot of cars on the roadways. traffic cruising along with no delays. if you're headed to the snow here, travel, good news to report, no chains required for 80, or 88. and back to you. >> nice and quiet out, there 5:01 your time on a friday. major progress on the new bay bridge in the past couple of hours. and construction on the final tower reaching new heights literally and it is ahead of schedule, too. christin ayers at the bay bridge with what this means and the time line on the project. good morning. >> i just finished speaking to bridge officials about the completion. they are calling this an historic day for the bridge.
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they actually just finished a couple of hours ago, overnight, putting those 480-foot tall legs, completing that main tower, in the air. this is one of the last steps before they put the final tap on top of the bridge, connecting the entire bridge together. the work continues last week to try to hoist the 480-foot legs in the air. pretty heavy lifting for crews. they did run into weather troubles. we heard winds and rain made it tough to lift some of the heavy legs to try and get those up in the air. however, that was just one day, they say back on tuesday, they had some issues with weather getting those in the air. they have finished doing it, putting them in an entire day ahead of schedule. i asked bridge officials what this would mean as far as cost and whether we're looking at savings and they're telling us, it is too early to tell at this point. however, this definitely is a morale booster for bridgeworkers. and they are expected to be ahead of schedule.
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the final cap that will be connecting the entire bridge together will be placed in april. so they have plenty more work ahead of them. a morale booster and a possible cost savings for this project. >> all right. christin ayers, just in time. thank you very much. live at the bay bridge. a promise of dialogue ended a sit-in high above the uc berkeley campus. eight protesters all chained themselves together on the fourth floor. you can see them here. the ledge of cal's wheeler hall. they stayed there about seven hours. then about 9:00 last night they finally came down, ending the day's protest against cuts in education funding. tampa's police say the standoff ended after communications involving the police, administrators and the demonstrators. the protesters were cited. they were released. but they say school officials met their demands, too. >> basically, they agreed to, the administration, to have a town hall meeting with us. talk to the students, and faculty and workers, and have
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an open dialogue about issues of operational excellence and the budget cuts. >> no word on when the town hall meeting will happen. 5:04. the san jose firefighters union has agreed now to major concessions to help the city reduce its budget deficit. anne makovec joins us now with details of this deal. good morning. this is a tentative deal, right? >> reporter: that's right. it still needs to be ratified by the city of san jose's 647 firefighters. that should happen this weekend. and then the city council also needs to approve it. which could happen on tuesday. but both parties seem fairly pleased by this deal. they held a press conference yesterday. the mayor and the head of the firefighters union announcing that tentative deal last evening. it amounts to a 10% cut in pay and benefits for the next two years but no further layoffs. the deal came as a bit of a surprise to some people because the city and the firefighters have been at odds for years when it comes to contract
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negotiations and in fact 49 firefighters you may remember were laid off last year because of it. >> this is all a success. and part of collective bargaining and the reason why collective bargaining works is because common sense comes to the table and finds solutions to help the city with services and save firefighters jobs and keep the city public intact and safe. >> that is a new head of the firefighters union that you just heard from. the deal also loosens the rules on the number of firefighters required on each truck. which they say will give them more flexibility trying to cover such a big city with limited personnel. so now, we're going to have to see if the other city unions here in san jose will follow suit. there are 10 other unions. and the mayor is asking all of them to agree to a 10% cut in pay and benefits. and he is trying to do that by july 1. because there is a $105 million deficit here in san jose. >> doing what they can, as soon as they can. ann, thank you very much.
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anne makovec, in san jose. the feds have found more flaws in the san bruno pipeline that exploded. the san francisco chronicle says federal documents say two sections of the pipe were misaligned and a steel wall of one pipe had a different thickness than the others. earlier the feds found a defective seam weld in the pipeline. major changes coming to the way pg&e deals with gas pipeline safety. it comes after three days of ntsb hearings in washington on the san bruno blast. company officials say they will be sending safety information by mail to anyone living within 2,000 feet of a pipeline. and they will also begin installing automatic shutoff valves in the system and the ntsb expects to release the final report on the blast in a few months. 5:06 now. new this morning an environmental research satellite launched by nasa about three hours ago failed to reach orbit. nasa is holding a press
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conference right now. these are live pictures. let's listen in for just a moment. >> as ron said, in the investigation, we identified the most probable cause of the failure, as a failure to initiate that hot gas combustion process. so what we did in response to that is we swapped out or we changed out, redesigned the deployment system, to use a cold gas system, which is a pressurized model. >> well, trying to translate, the rocket lifted off from the van den burg air force base as planned just after 2:00 a.m. here it is right here. about three minutes later, a protective shell on the rocket failed to separate. and that kept the glory satellite from going into orbit. here is the big price tag, though. the $424 million satellite was supposed monitor particles in the atmosphere and track solar radiation. and nasa has a little egg on their face discussing it and why it didn't quite make it into orb it.
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>> a huge disappointment. >> half a billion dollars almost wasted away. there you go. 5:07 now. let's get a check of weather and traffic. lawrence is taking a look at the friday and weekend forecast. >> and we love it. yes. hey, we're looking good, guys. kind of a taste yesterday of what we're going to get as we saw the clouds really here in the afternoon hours and chilly as you're headed out the door this morning and temperatures in the 30s and 40s with patchy fog showing up each inside the bay and probably going to see patchy fog developing in the north bay valleys with the dew point there, and other than that, we are looking good, as we head toward the afternoon, and the high pressure is sneaking in here, ever so briefly to bring lots of sunshine for this friday, and that means the temperatures will work out pretty nice by the afternoon. a little cool to start, if you're headed out the door, mostly clear in spots with patches of fog by the afternoon, and a whole lot of sunshine coming our way, and some mild temperatures, and moving up well into the 60s, but there are storms on the horizon, could affect your weekend, we will talk about that in a bit but let's check on traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. and so far, no problems to
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report on the roadways and i checked in with chp, no major accidents or incidents, it is friday light out there and you can see in the live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. once you hit the tollgates. no delays. traffic clear across the upper deck. the metering lights are still off. and golden gate bridge pretty much the same thing. one lonely car on the roadway. not a lot of delays through marin county. san ramon the only trouble spot, road work, between accosta and sycamore valley road. two right lanes closed. slight delays through there and wrapping up by 6:00. and we showed you caltrans closures here, 880, and give yourself extra time there. and 101 and san jose, traffic is moving pretty well this morning. no delays. back to you. that's traffic. >> it is 5:09. the face-off of pro football heads into overtime. >> we will keep at it and keep at it as long as it takes. >> let's hope so. the last-minute deal to keep the nfl talks going and the president's plea to avoid a
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week. 5:12 on friday. governor brown's budget plan is expected to go to a vote in the state legislature as soon as next week. the governor's proposal full of deep cuts. brown had set a deadline of next thursday for lawmakers to take action on the spending package. the budget deficit is now estimated at more than $26 billion. the governor will be in san francisco this afternoon by the way to meet the members of the business sponsored group bay area council. and 1500 state workers in wisconsin are in danger of losing their jobs today.
5:13 am
governor scott walker now threatening to issue them all pink slips if senate democrats don't get back to work. he wants them to pass a republican-backed measure, aimed at easing the state's budget crisis. the democrats opposed the bill because it would strip more public employees of collective bargains rights. new this morning, the nfl still in business for at least one more day, if contract talks continue. just hours before a collective bargaining agreement was set to expire last night the nfl and the players union agreed on a 24-hour extension. the new deadline? 9:00 our time tonight. and if they can't reach an agreement by then, the next nfl football season could be canceled. even president obama is weighing in on the dispute. >> i am a big football fan. but i also think that for an industry that is making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way. >> today, the two sides will
5:14 am
meet separately with the federal mediateer to hash out whether it makes sense to prolong an extension so there is more time for negotiations. >> it is amazing. it is like fall. fall without football. i can't imagine. better figure that thing out. 5:14. standing by for a new report on the job market and why hiring looks good even though the unemployment rate actually might go up. plus, a new round of attacks in libya this morning. how the gadhafi government is pushing back at rebels ahead of today's massive protest. ,,,,
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to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. all right, folks. good morning. happy friday. if you're just getting up, a great friday coming your way. starting out a little bit chilly in spots. some 30s and 40s. mostly clear. there is some patchy fog developing. some of it is developing inside of the bay and likely the north bay valleys. but other than that, looking good as we head toward the afternoon. and high pressure, bringing a beautiful day. and temperatures in the 60s and upper 60s in some of the warmest parts of the bay area by this afternoon. with that in mind, we're setting sail on what looks like a great day. only a couple of clouds filtering across the skies. storm clouds off the coast but nothing threatening until tomorrow afternoon. and then we may begin to see
5:18 am
some showers developing in parts of the north bay. but for today, it should be a dry day. the temperatures are going to be very mild and the ridge will hold on just enough to hold this system at bay and plans for the weekend, we have the showers developing late in the day on saturday, starting in the north bay and spreading to the south. overnight saturday night and into sunday. not a rainout on saturday. but showers developing in the north bay. and then overnight, showers moving further south. 67 in morgan hill today. 66 in millipitas. and 65 degrees in palo alto. it should be beautiful in the east bay today. and more spring-like, all the time and 67 pleasanton, and 65 in pleasant hills and 62 in richmond and the north bay, expecting plenty of sunshine and a couple of high clouds, after the patchy fog this morning and temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. next couple of days, looking good for today, a chance of showers developing late in the day on saturday and a chance of rain for the entire bay area come sunday and the showers continuing into monday. and then another break come tuesday and wednesday. and more rain late next week.
5:19 am
all right. time for the traffic check. >> thank you, lawrence. let's enjoy the dry roadways while we can. traffic looks very nice. friday light on the freeways. 101 at mckey. and traffic is heading northbound. and cruising along. a look at the maps and the rest of the traffic conditions through the south bay and looking pretty good along 880 and slight delays at 237 but overall traffic moving pretty well. a live look at 80. 237 in millipitas. friday light through that portion. if you're headed through oklahoma. traffic looking good both directions. free-flowing headed northbound near the coliseum. southbound, no delays into hayward. elsewhere we have road work in effect, eastbound 92 twee's hesperia and 880. we found out that the right lane is closed so you can get through that portion. and headed to the san mateo bridge itself, traffic is building but only 13 13 minutes to go between 880 and
5:20 am
101. and then sycamore valley road here, two right lanes are closed but there were delays earlier. it looks like traffic is sart starting to thin out. stick with caltrans. >> and headed for the snow, no chain restrictions on 80, 50 or 88. and a live look here. when you jump in your car, look at the radio partners 7:40 a.m. and 106.9 f.m. that's a look at the morning drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:20. let's take a look at the top stories this morning. our major milestone on the bay bridge. and it happened earlier than expected. this week's work to raise four new segments into place wrapped up early this morning. and right now, the new tower is 480 feet high. crews have just 45 feet to go. the san jose firefighters union has reached a tentative deal with the city. it calls for a 10% reduction in pay and benefits. to help ease the city's budget deficit. but in exchange, there wouldn't be any layoffs for two years.
5:21 am
the union members still need to vote on the deal. and right now, protesters in libya, marching from mosques in the capital of tripoli chanting the people want to bring the regime down. meantime, in eastern libya, there were new warplane air strikes against the city held by rebels but it appears the air strikes had minimal impact. okay. the time now is 5:21. the board that oversees cal train has declared a fiscal emergency. that will make it easier for the transit agency to raise fares and reduce services as it faces a $30 million deficit. they are considering scrapping all weekend trains and shutting down service at seven bay area stations, and cutting the number of weekday trains, nearly in half. the decision could come sometime next month. stock futures are rising this morning, as hopes are high about the february jobs report that comes out in about 10 minutes on the east coast. some economists have increased the estimates for job creation last month to as high as
5:22 am
200,000 but the unemployment rate could still climb slightly from the 9% rate, from january. we will be checking on the numbers in the next hour with cbs market watch reporter jason brooks. kcbs radio. 5:22. smaller than a nickel. we will tell you how a tiny spide ser to blame for the recall of thousands of cars. and student report cards may never be the same. why one bay area district wants to dump the "d," that and much more coming up.
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, from the traffic center. so far, so good. friday light on most of the bay area freeways. looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. mass transit in a few minutes. it is 5:25. we've got a, b, c, f? yes. students in san mateo could see a change in their grades very soon. the san mateo high school district is talking about getting rid of the d grade. the idea is if you deserve a d, you don't really have a grasp on the material, and should fail. >> at a time where the federal government, the state government, and everybody in society is saying we need to get students to be proficient and a "d" is far below proefficient. >> currently a "d" grade is good enough to count toward
5:26 am
graduation but not good enough to help a student get into college. an it sy bit sy spider is causing a bill problem and prompting the recall of tens of thousands of cars. the yellow spider is partial to the mazda 6. it is the reason the company is recalling 65,000 of the mazda 6's. the insects like to crawl into an area near the fuel injection and spin a web. that can cause a crack, leading to a gas spill. and fire. mazda says it will install a spring in order to keep out the spider. >> why does it just like mazdas? come on. >> we have a honda and a vw, and i'm going over here. don't get that. 5:26. he is accused of driving more than 40-miles with his wife clinging to the hood of his minivan. a husband's surprise confession about his wild ride on a bay area freeway. that is a crazy story. and nasa, we have a problem. how an overnight blastoff turned into a 4 million-dollar failure, coming up.
5:27 am
a major milestone in the construction of the main tower of the bay bridge. we will tell you why officials are calling this an historic day, coming up. after years of drama, between the city and the firefighters union, they struck a deal, but it is not sealed just yet. we will tell you what has to happen before that becomes official, coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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well, good morning, everybody. a big tgif. it is friday. we're loving it. it is march 4. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks for joining us. your time is 5:30. let's quickly start with a check of your weather and traffic. lawrence, how is it looking out there? >> looking good on this friday. a little chilly to start. with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. patchy fog. but by the afternoon, here comes the sunshine. it should be a great day. almost spring-like outside. but weekend plans? we could have weekend rain. we will tell you more about that in just a second and right now let's check on traffic. >> thanks, lawrence. not bad at all on the roadways. mass transit checking in problem-free. no delays right now for bart, ace, muni or cal train. 39 trains running right now on the bart system. the bay area bridges looking good as well. we will show you live in a few minutes. right now, back to the news. >> the time now is 5:30. san jose firefighters could be on the verge of making major
5:31 am
concessions to help the city tackle the budget deficit. anne makovec with the details on the deal and she is behind me and joins me with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the deal still needs to be ratified by all of the san jose firefighters including the men and women at station nine behind me 647 of all. and the city council needs to approve the deal next tuesday but both parties seem to be quite pleased, the mayor and the head of the firefighters union made a big announcement on the tentative deal last evening. it amounts to a 10% cut in pay and benefits for the next two years. but no further layoffs. the deal comes as a bit of a surprise to some people. because the city and the firefighters have been at odds for years when it comes to contract negotiations. and in fact, 49 firefighters you may remember, were laid off last year, because of it. >> they stepped up and i want to acknowledge the sacrifices that they are prepared to make,
5:32 am
and to save the jobs, of their co-workers, and to preserve services for the city of san jose. >> that's the mayor. you just heard from. the deal also loosens the rules on the number of firefighters required on each fire truck which firefighters say will give them more flexibility, trying to cover such a big city, with their limited personnel. so now, it remains to be seen if the city's other unions, 10 of them, will follow suit. because the mayor has asked everybody to take a 10% cut in pay and benefits and trying to fill the $105 million deficit. for the year that begins on july 1. frank? >> well, they're making some progress, but some concessions there. that's good news. anne makovec, live in san jose. thank you. 5:32. you could soon pay a little more to ride cal train. the board that oversees the agency declared a fiscal emergency yesterday which makes it easier for them to raise fares and reduce services, to help close a $30 million
5:33 am
deficit. and they're considering scrapping weekend trains, shutting down service at seven bay area stations, and cutting the number of weekday trains nearly in half. a decision could come next month. moving on up. the suspension tower on the new bay bridge is now nearly as high as it will ever be. let's go to christin ayers at the bay bridge this morning to explain what crews were doing while you were sleeping. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sidney. crews were reaching a major milestone on that main tower this morning. and i'm joined right now, by caltrans spokesman bart ney. tell us about the major milestone that crews hit this morning. >> about 1:25 this morning, we completed the fourth segment of the tower lift. completing all of the legs that we have to put in for the main tower of our suspension bridge. >> and how far ahead of schedule is that putting you? >> this operation was supposed to take into this evening, so we finished at 1:25, we're almost a day ahead of schedule with that. >> you guy ran into some
5:34 am
weather issues last week, tell me about that. >> right. well things were not looking as good on tuesday. we had a lot of wind. some tough water to deal with. and you flat out can't do an operation like this under those conditions. lifting 500 tons of steel into the air over 400 feet so we were slowed down. but weather conditions improved. the crews from american bridge enterprises did a fantastic job. and we finished early. >> what is coming up next? >> well, next week, we will put in another large deck section that drivers will be driving on, and in 2013, and then in the first week of april, we expect to put the top of the tower on. >> okay. thank you, bart ney spokesman for caltrans talking about the milestone the workers reached getting the 500-ton legs of the main tower up and established and ready for the main cap to be put on at 1:25 this morning. so a big morale booster for those crews. too early they say to tell whether we will save any money
5:35 am
with these changes. sidney? >> but encouraging news it is ahead of schedule. christin ayers at the bay bridge, thank you. the time now is 5:35. lawrence is officially on my christmas card list. i know, i'm easy. but we're getting sunshine today, you know. >> i was going to say already? that didn't take long. one dry day and we're already on there. hey, you know what, folks? it will feel good. and by the afternoon we're talking almost spring-like temperatures outside. a little chilly to start with early on. 30s showing up in many of the valleys in the north bay. watch out for patchy dense fog as well developing, as we're near the dew point. as we head toward the afternoon, a lot of sunshine coming our way as the high pressure is sneaking in at least for one day and a couple of high clouds filtering across the skies and it should be a nice day out there. and mostly clear this morning, and a couple of patches of fog early on, by the afternoon, we're looking great though and here come the temperatures well in the 60s outside and lots of sunshine coming our way, but there is a chance of rain this week. we will talk about that in a moment. right now, let's get a traffic check with giana.
5:36 am
>> and when you talk about sunny sky, you're on everybody's christmas list. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. friday light this morning. clear from the carquinez bridge, to the maze. the rest of the bay area bridges pretty much the same story. not a lot going on in fact. we just checked in with chp. a few cars on the roadways. golden gate bridge clear. san mateo bridge looking good in both directions. no delays to report through there. and typically we usually see some delays as you work your way to the antioch bridge. but right now, we are friday light. a live look just a few headlights there, and as you come off the bridge, the traffic is clear, headed through the antioch area. let's check the conditions in the south bay right now. a live look at 101, near mckey, those headlights are going northbound into san mateo county. so, so far, so good on the 101. that's traffic. back to you. >> and it is 53. a 5:36. eight protesters chained themselves together on a fourth floor ledge at cal's wheeler
5:37 am
hall came down last night. the protesters were cited. they were released. and they did say that school officials met their demands as well. >> basically, they agreed to, the administration, to have a town hall meeting with us, talking to the students and faculty and workers to have an open dialogue about issues of operational excellence, and the budget cuts. >> well, the students seem excited but there is no word on when that town hall meeting will happen. this afternoon, bay area college students and teachers will target governor jerry brown's office here in san francisco. they're protesting a $10 per unit fee increase proposed under the new budget plan. in addition to their signs, they are also bringing packets of ramen soup to his office. >> 5:37. this morning, pg&e promising to change the way it does business. this after three days of ntsb hearings in washington, on the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the company officials say they will be sending safety
5:38 am
information by mail to anyone living within 2,000 feet of a pipeline. and they will also begin to install automatic shutoff valves on their system. at one point, during the hearing, an industry analyst referred to possible defects on the san bruno pipeline as an anomaly. and that led to a strongly worded response from san bruno city manager. >> i'm confident that the citizens of san bruno would find this very difficult, position or conclusion to accept. if only because it could diminish the urgency with which the various issues under discussion these last three days are actually addressed. the ntsb expects to release its final report on the san bruno blast in a few months. the man accused of speeding down the freeway for more than 40 miles with his wife, on the hood of his van, says he did it, and he is guilty. but the contra costa county times reports the judge rejected 36-year-old carol's guilty plea. carol will be back in court
5:39 am
next friday. two separate witnesses followed the van after they saw the woman clinging to the windshield wipers and side mirror. >> one lucky woman there. 5:39 your time. the man accused of robbing four oakland women will face even more charges now. police say corey barnett followed the women home after they went shopping at a safeway in oakland. he was arrested last month. and now we've learned that five more victims between the ages of 50 and 80 have all come forward. barnett is currently out of jail. he is due back in court next friday. and target has agreed to pay more than $22 million in a civil case. the national retailer was accused of improper dumping hazardous waste products for five years, that included pesticides, paints, pool chemicals, and oven cleaners. about 240 target stores in california were named in the lawsuit. prosecutors say employees used unregistered equipment to transport hazardous waste which violates california state law.
5:40 am
5:39 now. nasa says the launch of an environmental research satellite this morning was a failure. the taurus xl rocket launched but three minutes after launch, the shell failed to accept and it kept the glory satellite from going into orbit. nasa held a press conference and they say the rocket and satellite are lost. >> and all indications are that the satellite and the rocket were -- is in the southern pacific ocean somewhere. >> the guy looks like he is about to cry, wow. >> half a billion dollars down the drain. >> a terrible disappointment. >> and $424 million satellite, supposed to monitor particles in the atmosphere and track solar radiation. >> nasa gets one chance. and boom. there you go. 5:40. i'm all choked up myself.
5:41 am
5:40. coming up, next year's nfl season is alive at least for now. the new deadline before a lock jut happens. and do you ever have trouble sleeping, sidney? >> yes. >> well, the surprising amount of people who doze off behind the wheel. believe it or not. we will talk about that. and more. when we come back.
5:42 am
5:43 am
good morning, folks. off and running on this friday. hope you're off to a great day. temperatures a little chilly in some spots. 30 s and 40s. mostly clear with the exception of a couple of patches of fog. we will see more of that developing especially in the north bay and watch out that, could be a little thick early on. by the afternoon, we're looking great. how about this? 50s and upper 60s in the warmer spots and a mixture of sunshine and a couple of high clouds moving overhead. otherwise, we are looking good and it is going to stay dry all
5:44 am
day long. and a couple of storm systems off the coastline. trying to develop here. and don't think they will get here in time for today, but over the weekend, we will likely see some changes. in the meantime, enjoy that sunshine for today, and should be dry, all day long, and some mild temperatures to go along with that, and then as we head through the weekend, well, we will see a chance of showers developing late in the day on saturday, and at least in the north bay, and not going to be a rain-out for the bay area and a chance of showers developing late in the day, and north of the golden gate bridge, then spreading across the rest of the bay area, overnight saturday night, and into sunday, and it doesn't look like a real big soaker but getting things wet outside and enjoy the sunshine and the spring-like temperatures. and 67 in san jose and 66 in mountain view and 5 in san mateo. -- 65 in san mateo. 67 in pleasanton. and about 63 degrees in berkeley. we should see sunshine and just a few high clouds after patchy morning fog in parts 6 the north bay and the -- parts of the north bay. and lots of 60s in the valley. as we look out toward the
5:45 am
weekend, not bad. although we do have some showers moving in late in the day. at least in the north bay, on saturday, and then rain spreading across the bay area. it looks like saturday night, into sunday, and a chance of showers, continuing into monday, and dry on tuesday. and could see more stormy weather return late next week. all right. time for our traffic check with giana. >> thank you, lawrence. let's head to the south bay right now, where it is not looking too bad at all. in fact, a nice day to be on the roadways. looking at lots of green on the maps. you can see the traffic cruising along as you work your way 680, 880, no delays. a live look at 80, 237 in millipitas. and pretty good, both directions as you make the connector. looking nice this morning. 880 north into oakland, the traffic is moving right along. and just a few cars out there on the roadways as you head past the coliseum. the headlights are heading southbound into hayward and traffic is moving pretty well. only 15 minutes to go from 238 to the maze. elsewhere the only thing we're dealing with right now is road work northbound 680 between al costa and sycamore valley road. in the clearing stages.
5:46 am
the two right lanes were blocked. they are hoping to have it out of the way and wrapped up by 6:00. and golden gate bridge, marin county commute, lots of green on the roadways. about 8 minutes to go from highway 37, to 580. and if you're headed toward the golden gate bridge itself, not bad at all and traffic is very light. and nice speeds in both directions across the span, between the toll plaza and vista point there. and as you work your way through the peninsula, not a lot going on. slight delays southbound side of 280. just as you past 380. but 101 as you're headed to sfo, lots of green. up to speed. no delays to report through there. in fact the conditions continue all the way throughout san mateo county and into the south bay. and if you are checking mass transit this morning or plan to, right now, bart, ace, muni, cal train, all checking in on time. and don't forget kcbs7:40 a.m. and 106.9 f.m. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> 5:46. right now, in libya, forces loyal to leader moammar gadhafi are firing tear gas at protesters. they're marching from mosques
5:47 am
in the capital of tripoli hoping to bring down gadhafi's regime. on the phone with us is cbs radio news reporter tom coppic east of tripoli. good morning, tom. how far away are you from tripoli and what is the feeling there right now? >> reporter: this is probably at least a good drive away. a good day's drive away from tripoli. it is right across a large gulf. and today, again, another day of defiance as you mentioned. today is the day the prayer in the muslim world, and fridays are critically important for the protests and we went out to the main square and about 10,000 people gathered in that square, in the rain, and they're sort of part prayer, part political rally, and listening to speeches and condemning the gadhafi regime and vowing to continue with their fight to the end. but as you mentioned, what we're seeing in tripoli today is critical. after a peek week of moammar gadhafi walking down the
5:48 am
capital where people leave the mosques and confront the regime and ha -- what could be another bloody day in the capital. >> there was a bruteful crackdown last week as well. what are you hearing about refugees, the residents in libba, and we hear a lot of them are trying to get out. >> reporter: the biggest concern is on that western border, so much of the fighting right now is in western libya. and around tripoli. two main cities. ouij, and misrata which is bracketing the capital. and we are seeing an exodus of refugees through that tunisia border and now airplanes are trying to fly out the migrant workers and it seems to be sort of settling there. but just an hour ago, i talked to a red cross official here and he thinks the situation here is all right. they're flying in medical supplies and getting some food to the east, but talking to him, he says that the international red cross is
5:49 am
committing millions of dollars to the situation here, and he says that is an indication that they think this might be in for the long haul. >> well, at least humanitarian aid is getting there. and helping those people. cbs radio news reporter tom popik, thank you very much, covering the unrest in libya. >> be safe, tom. >> thanks. a few minutes ago, the labor department released the new jobless numbers. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9% last month, and that's the lowest in almost two years. and that's the good news. and employers added 192,000 jobs, the fastest pace in almost a year and economists hope this means employers will start hiring more aggressively. 1500 state workers in wisconsin are in danger of losing their jobs today. governor scott walker has threatened to issue pink slips to the lot. if senate democrats don't get back to work. he wants them to pass a republican-backed measure aimed at easing the state's budget crisis. democrats opposed the bill
5:50 am
because it would strip moment public employees of their collective bargaining rights. 5:50. new this morning, nfl contract negotiations are in overtime. just hours before a collective bargaining agreement was set to expire last night. the nfl and players union agreed to keep it in place until 9:00 our time tonight. and if they can't reach an agreement by then, the next nfl season could be in danger of getting canceled. >> i think they're going to figure it out. >> you think so? >> 9 billion reasons to figure that baby out. it is 5:50. apple wants to give you a $100. the special refund for people who bought the original i-pad a couple of weeks ago. a rare honor for charlie sheen. don't know if i would want this one. the guinness world record he set in just 25 hours. you're feeli switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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it is national sleep awareness week. did you hear that, sidney? >> does that mean we get the week off? >> you're doze off there. >> if you're feeling a little drowsy, take note, folks. more than a third of americans are having trouble staying awake. a new survey found 1 in 20 say they have fallen asleep while driving their car and up to 70 million adults in the united states suffer from chronic sleep loss and sleeping disorders. time to get to bed. >> i agree. women who have been treated for breast cancer may be more susceptible to falls. a new study found that 58% of breast cancer survivors had fallen in the past year. and that's nearly double the rate for seniors. and researchers are not sure why, but speculation that chemotherapy and other cancer treatments may affect balance. did you buy an i-pad recently? if so, apple will give you $100. and you can get the refund only
5:54 am
if you bought the device within the past two weeks. and online shoppers should call customer service and the company rolled back prices by $100 when it unveiled the i-pad 2 on wednesday. this morning, one california college is replacing note pads and books with i-pads for students. and 60 students at the teachers college of san joaquin will soon be using i-pad to use virtual textbooks and administrators say the move will save about $35,000 a year and reduce paper use by more than 90%. but i wonder how much it costs us up front to buy the i-pads. >> i like the books so you can put the post-in notes in there and figure out where you are and write in the margins. >> you can't get through college without online and remember typewriters? >> and you have to say, i lost my computer or you have to come up with new computers. >> the dog peed on my computer. maybe not. new research finds that facebook is a factor that leads
5:55 am
to one out of five divorces. >> a lot of kitty chatter out there. more than 80% of divorce lawyers report a rise in cases using facebook as evidence. researchers from loyola university say all too easily, people on facebook can now transition from just chatting with old friends to more intense relationships. >> not a good idea. >> and people can't get enough of charlie sheen. what a shocker, right? the actor has pleaded his way to a guinness world record. the troubled star took his saga to social media this week as we all know and set a new record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on twitter. he did it just over a day. 25 hours and 17 minutes. and if you're counting. earlier this week sheen's two boys were taken away from him and his estranged wife filing a restraining order against him. so his life is unraveling a little bit but a big hit in social networking. >> sue lang wonders if there is
5:56 am
the guinness world record for the most looky-loos at a train wreck because charlie sheen would win that as well. >> and number of television appearances in one 24-hour period, i think he would win that as well. 5:56 in the morning and lawrence karnow has the morning. >> and we like to see you all the time with the good days. >> and a perfect day on a friday. isn't that perfect? and a lot of sunshine around the bay area. a little chilly to start with. 30s and 40s. but by the afternoon. look at the temperatures, many spots in the bay and valleys, those numbers are moving well into the 60s. cooler toward the coastline. into the 50s but it should stay dry all day long. and chance of showers though, returns late in the day on saturday, and it looks like rain expected in the bay area on sunday. and all right a great picture for you overlooking the fog from charles lins sy taken in concord. a great way to start out your day. thanks for sending the picture in. if you would like to send them in, send them to my pix at cbs 5 .com. let's get a traffic check.
5:57 am
>> friday light out there on the roadways and no big accidents this morning. if you're headed out to the snow and head to the sierra area, not bad at all and nice conditions, and 80, 50, 88, no chains required this morning, and don't forget to take them with you. you never know. but right now, you should be free of slowing on 80. and slight delays through antioch. westbound, starting around a street. not too bad off to the antioch bridge. pretty typical this time of the morning. and the altamont, problem free. no delays in each direction. back to you. >> it is 5:57. riders complain bart listened and the major makeover it is planning coming up. san jose firefighters strike a deal with the city. we will tell you what they gave up and what they're getting and what the next step is. and the big milestone construction crews hit in building the main tower of the bay bridge. we will tell you what is coming up next for them. on te you feel fine.
5:58 am
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